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Clayton Howell is a 10 year, multi-award winning tattoo artist. His career began at the world famous Eternal Tattoos in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Here he had the opportunity to study under some of the best artist in the industry. To this day he remains proud and honored to remain part of the Eternal family through his sponsorships.

After years on the convention circuit while owning his own studios, Clayton relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. There he worked alongside the accomplished crew at Revolt Tattoos. After two years of working in this high profile, "Inkmaster" studio he decided a change of pace for his family and himself would be good.

Clayton enjoys several styles of tattooing, however, he prefers portraiture and photo realism. He is most known for his use of detail in his color work and his high level of contrast in his black and grey. Although he enjoys tattooing pop-culture and dark imagery, he also loves to tattoo wildlife scenes and floral designs.

After multiple years in the making he couldn't be more pleased and excited to begin his next adventure and call Alaska home. We all here at Black Flag Studios look forward to being your one of a kind studio, for such a one of a kind place.

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